Brand New Baby A.J. - Clover, SC Newborn Photography

When Little Miss A.J.'s momma, Brittany, contacted me, she told me she had a vintage suitcase and a vision of newborn photos with her brand new little girl in a field. I was so excited to help her vision become a reality and am so happy with how her photo session turned out.

Baby A.J. was actually 16 days old when I did her photos, so she is the oldest newborn that I have photographed. The good thing about that was that she was very alert and interested in everything I was doing. She did a great job of showing off those amazing bright blue eyes! However, being alert is also something of a negative, since it meant that she refused to doze off during her session. Her momma's original vision was to have her curled up asleep on the suitcase in the field, but, since she wouldn't sleep, we had to modify the plan slightly. Even though the scene ended up being not exactly like what Brittany had in her mind, I think we were all able to agree that Baby A.J.'s session was still a success!

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