Happy Halloween from Speechless Photography!

I hope you and your "little monsters" are having a Happy Halloween! Here's a little Halloween photo overload to brighten your day!

Three serious super heroes and one sidekick in training!

Practicing their "mean" faces for the criminals and their smiles for when they ask for candy...

The masks come off! Their super power is being way too cute!

This dynamic duo is ready for action!

Now, tell me how you will be able to resist giving these boys way more candy than their parents will let them eat in a month! :-D

This little Spiderman is hoping for a web-slinging good Halloween haul...

And let's finish up with a little dragon sweeter than all the Halloween candy you can stuff in your treat bag!

Time for Family Mini Sessions! - Belmont, NC Family Photographer

It's that time of year again! Family mini sessions and custom designed holiday cards are now available. I only have limited spots for these sessions, so contact me today to get signed up! 

Feel free to forward this information to anyone else who might be interested. I will offer a referral bonus to anyone who has a friend book one of these sessions with me. 

The price will be $250 for 20 photos (color and black and white versions of each) and custom designed holiday cards can be added for $40 per each set of 25. The sessions are for families of up to 5 people. Additional people can be included for $25 more per person.

What's a Beauty Session? - Clover, SC Beauty & Fashion Photographer

Hey ladies, you know all those times that you need a picture of yourself for your Facebook profile or the directory at work, but when you start searching your files, you realize that you are always behind the camera?

There might be a handful of pictures where you appear, but they are usually an afterthought and often are just not something you want to share with the world.

The solution for this dilemma is to let me pamper you with a beauty session! I will help you to choose your outfits, give you tips for doing your makeup and will use only the most flattering of poses to show you at your best!

Professional hair and makeup* can even be provided if you really want a treat!

"I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful." ~ Author Unknown

Every woman loves to feel beautiful. There is a good reason why we all treasure those special times when we get dressed up in the perfect outfit and spend a little extra time with our hair and makeup. Something about it just makes you feel so good!

Maybe it reminds us of playing dress-up as girls or possibly it's just because we often are so busy taking care of everyone else and rarely take that time for ourselves. Usually this preparation happens before an event or a special night out and might occasionally be documented by a quick snapshot as we head out the door. But what if you could splurge a little and schedule a session to really document all the details of how fabulous you looked and felt! And it's just plain fun to feel like a glamorous model for an hour, too!

Maybe you'd love to schedule a session but are waiting until you lose some weight. I know I have absolutely been guilty of this myself!

Well, don't "weight" any longer! I have studied the most flattering poses and ways that I can help you to minimize any areas that you might be self-conscious about.

Let me help you show the world how beautiful you really are!

* Professional hair and makeup provided at an additional cost.

Monster Mini Sessions - This weekend!

Don't forget to reserve your spot for the Monster Mini Halloween Costume sessions this Saturday, October 6th in Lake Wylie, SC!

You can also add custom 5x7 photo cards for just $40 per set of 25!

The Beach Boys - Lake Wylie, SC Children Photographer

Sand, sun and three boys enjoying every minute of it! If you're having vacation withdrawals as summer draws to a close, just spend a few minutes checking out these pictures to feel like you're hanging out on the beach with three of the cutest boys you've ever seen!

I had the good fortune to be at the beach for my own vacation at the same time as these Speechless VIPs, so of course we had to work out the details for a beach photo session! I'm sure you recognize the twins from their multiple previous sessions and you might recognize their cousin little Mr. C (who will be turning a year old very soon - can you believe it?) from his newborn photos.

All three boys enjoyed "resting" a few minutes in their bright red wagon.
Little Mr. C wasn't completely sure about the sand and water at first, but he came around pretty quickly. This little guy was full of smiles! I loved watching him toddle around on those sweet baby legs!
The twins had a great time playing in the sand and enjoying their morning at the beach.
If you have to get up early for photos, it helps to have a giant sandbox to play in while you're doing it!
Check out those gorgeous blue eyes, I think his momma might just have a heart breaker in the making!
These guys are so lucky to have each other and I know they are going to grow up to be the best of friends. I love the hug in the photo below where they were showing off some brotherly love!
I think they were secretly excited to be allowed to get in the water in their good clothes.
It didn't take much to convince them that they were allowed to jump in!
By the end of the session, they were "all in." They headed back to the beach house wet and happy!

This blog post was definitely a photo overload, but I wanted to make sure that all my readers got their full daily dose of sun, sand and cuteness today!

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