Jacquie - Rock Hill, SC Beauty Photography

Meet Jacquie. Isn't she gorgeous? Seeing how poised and confident she looks in her photos, you would never have known how HOT it was during her session! She definitely kept her cool, despite the near 90 degree temperatures.

If some of these locations look familiar, it's probably because Jacquie is Dayton's mom and we did her beauty photo shoot along with Dayton's session. This gave us the opportunity to get photos of both of them at each location and a few of them together. 

Don't forget that you can always save 10% or more by booking multiple sessions at the same time which can then be shot together or held separately within the next year to 18 months.

Jacquie is an AVON consultant and did a great job on her makeup for the session using AVON products. If you'd like to place an AVON order or need help picking the best shades and products for you, check out her website!

I can't decide which had more sparkle: her gorgeous eyes or the beautiful beading on her shirt. I love Jacquie's soft, subtle smile here. It definitely has a "Mona Lisa" like quality!

Halfway through the session, Jacquie changed into this fantastic gauzy blue shirt. The color really popped against the greenery of the vines and the orange brick wall that we found nearby. The blue also perfectly flattered her complexion and her silver accessories were an excellent finishing touch!

As the sun set, we caught just a hint of gorgeous flare around her. I love how the slight haze adds a dreamy quality to these images. And check out those fabulous shoes! Jacquie really thought of every detail while she was planning the outfits for her session. If you're unsure how to put a beautiful outfit and accessories like this together, be sure to check out the resources that I have listed on my Session Preparation page.

Jacquie's husband Denny showed up as we were finishing the session, so I couldn't resist getting a few pictures of both of them. Don't they look great together? And his coordinating blue shirt was a complete coincidence!

"Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile." ~ Author Unknown

Dayton - Rock Hill, SC Teen & Senior Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Dayton in Rock Hill recently. Dayton is very interested in fashion and photography, so I knew this session would be amazing! He was a natural poser and so relaxed in front of the camera. Dayton brought some great clothes to his session that really complimented the urban setting. It wouldn't surprise me if there might be some modeling in his future!

Dayton used my senior inspiration boards here and here to choose 2 outfits for his session, one casual and one more preppy.

We found a fantastic alleyway with cool graffiti and amazing light.

Sometimes the places that you would never expect make the most beautiful backdrops, like these overgrown vines at the edge of a parking lot that just sparkled when the sun shone behind them.

As the sun set at the end of our session, we caught some spectacular haze and flare. Doesn't he look like he should be in a magazine?

Sorry for the photo overload, but I loved so many that it was impossible to pick only a few favorites!

Thanks, Dayton! I had a incredible time at your session and I can't wait to photograph you again. You can model for me anytime, just remember me when you make it big! ;-)

Session Preparation: Don't forget the details!

You are welcome and encouraged to bring items from home to personalize your session. If you will be including small children in your session, feel free to bring them some books, toys or other items to help keep their attention.

Seniors, bring items that highlight your interests. If you play a sport, bring a ball or other equipment. If you play a musical instrument, bring that (if it's portable, like a guitar). If you love to read, bring some of your favorite books.

Ladies, regarding makeup for your photo session, you will need to apply everything a little heavier than you would for your normal routine. If you look in the mirror and think, "my makeup looks very nice," then you probably don't have on enough. You might have noticed in the past that there were times that even though you had applied makeup, you looked like you didn't have any on in your photos. The main thing that will show up in your photos is contrast, so you want to try to add that where possible.

Here are some general tips:
* Smooth, even skin will look the best. Go for a matte finish. Use foundation primer, if you have it, and be sure to bring a powder compact and/or oil absorbing sheets (if you have oily skin) to take care of any shiny spots during your session.

* Use a light colored concealer to cover under-eye circles.

* Be sure to blend your foundation at the jawline!

* Black (or very dark brown) eye liner and black mascara are great to enhance your eyes. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, if you have one.

* Clear eyes look the best, use Visine or another eye drop to reduce bloodshot eyes, if necessary (this goes for the men, too).

* Almost every woman/girl that I have photographed would have looked better with just a little more blush. It's a good idea to bring your blush and an application brush with you so that we can apply more if I notice that you look a little "washed out" in your photos.

* Neutral lips are very classic, just be sure you have enough color that your lips don't blend in with the surrounding skin. Bring whatever color you wear with you for touch-ups.

* Avoid any glittery or super shiny makeup.

* If you have long hair, it's a good idea to bring whatever bands and clips that you would need to put it up attractively in case of wind. Hopefully, you won't need these items, but it's better to have them on hand than be fighting with hair blowing across your face during the entire session.

* Be sure to wipe faces, eyes and noses of little ones.

* Men should be freshly shaved (or groomed, if you have facial hair). Don't be afraid to moisturize and tweeze stray eyebrow hairs (or stray hairs anywhere else on the face).

* Finger nails should be clean and trimmed. Ladies, freshen up your polish. If you're planning to go barefoot in some of your photos, don't forget to take care of your toes, too!

* On the day of your session, please avoid, and have children refrain from, eating or drinking anything that will stain your teeth and/or mouth. This includes, but is not limited to red, orange, blue, green, or purple candy, popsicles, drinks, etc.

Photos are the perfect gift! - Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

I love taking photos, but a close second is reviewing my clients' photo orders when they come in. If you love your photos on a computer screen, you will be amazed by how they look professionally printed. There is something so satisfying about holding a beautiful photo in your hands, and no computer screen can match that feeling!

I have a terrible time picking out gifts for my family. Whenever I'm stuck for gift ideas, I often fall back on photos. Everyone loves getting photo gifts! My parents and in-laws frequently ask for updated photos of their grandson, so new prints and albums are always welcome!

Here is a recent photo order from a family session that included prints and wallet-sized (2.5" x 3.5") accordion mini albums. The accordion mini albums are so unique and fun to show off!

The accordion mini albums hold a variety of photos, which is perfect when you just can't pick a favorite! They are available in both large and small sizes. The large accordions (not pictured but shown here) make wonderful family keepsakes while the smaller albums are perfect gifts for grandparents and teens! Both sizes feature magnetic closures and protective frosted slip covers (shown above). The large album is 4" x 8" while the smaller wallet mini album pictured is 2.5" x 3.5". Square 3" x 3" mini albums are available, as well (not pictured but shown here).

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