Suit Up - Salisbury, NC Portrait Photographer

Dillon got a new Radical Racegear / Robbie Stanley Racing driving suit and he looked so awesome in it that I just had to do some updated headshots of my little race car driver!

Dillon's car is a Stanley Racing Bulldog, so on a recent visit to Build-A-Bear Workshop he chose to make a stuffed bulldog and named it Stanley. Stanley just had to make an appearance in the photos, as well!

Another First Day - Lake Wylie, SC Child Photographer

It's so hard to believe that another year has slipped away! Where did my baby boy go? How can it be possible that he is already starting first grade? I guess I just have to accept it... Good luck to my "little man" on his first day of first!

Sun Kissed Field - Clover, SC Children's Photography

It was a perfect summer evening as the sun set behind a dancing field of tall grass, kissing each stalk with a magical golden glow. Caroline was dressed in an adorable ladybug outfit with a darling flowered headband. Dillon finally agreed to change into an outfit that didn't match his sister, but at least didn't have some sort of superhero on the shirt. Everything was in place for a few amazing photos of my children, except for good attitudes!

Oh wow, really - I just wanted a few snaps of each child and one of them together and they sooooo made me work for it. Dillon was grumpy and over it all before we even started. Eight month old Caroline was fussy and more than ready for an overdue bottle. This photog mama was just about to pull her hair out in frustration! Luckily, "Super Daddy" stepped in! My wonderful husband convinced our son to cooperate and teased a few smiles from our baby girl just in time as the sun slipped behind the mountain and we lost that gorgeous light.

Whew, I'm beyond happy with the photos, but it's a perfect reminder of why it is so hard to take photos of my own children. Hopefully when the next photographically-perfect opportunity comes up everyone will have had a nap and snack beforehand (especially me)! ;-)

Blue Eyed Brothers - Charlotte, NC Baby Photographer

Ariel and I had a perfect plan for her newborn photos. My son's racing schedule takes up many of my weekends these days, but I had a free weekend that, based on her due date, seemed like it should be just perfect to do their brand new baby boy's newborn photo session. But then that little guy decided he was completely happy where he was and decided to stay just a little too long. You know what they say about the best laid plans...

By the next date that we found that worked for all of our schedules, that tiny little bundle of newborn goodness was close to 6 weeks old, significantly older than most of my newborns at the time of their session. While I hate I missed capturing those first days, I was very happy that Baby J was just a doll for his photo session and already had a big personality that came through in his photos.
This little guy had some gorgeous blue peepers! And check out that smile! He was so happy for almost the entire photo session. I could have photographed this cuteness all day long!
I love color and you'll notice that you rarely see black and white photos on my blog, even though I always provide them to my clients. But something about these photos just seemed to call for the drama that black and white brings to the table. I feel like the emotion is really apparent in these photos.
Did I mention that dad is a super handsome fireman? No? Oh, let me rectify that! Ace donned his fire gear for a shot that turned out to be one of my favorite photos ever. Love!!
It was such a pleasure hanging out with this beautiful family! I can't wait to watch these two boys grow up together!

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