Session Preparation: Don't forget the details!

You are welcome and encouraged to bring items from home to personalize your session. If you will be including small children in your session, feel free to bring them some books, toys or other items to help keep their attention.

Seniors, bring items that highlight your interests. If you play a sport, bring a ball or other equipment. If you play a musical instrument, bring that (if it's portable, like a guitar). If you love to read, bring some of your favorite books.

Ladies, regarding makeup for your photo session, you will need to apply everything a little heavier than you would for your normal routine. If you look in the mirror and think, "my makeup looks very nice," then you probably don't have on enough. You might have noticed in the past that there were times that even though you had applied makeup, you looked like you didn't have any on in your photos. The main thing that will show up in your photos is contrast, so you want to try to add that where possible.

Here are some general tips:
* Smooth, even skin will look the best. Go for a matte finish. Use foundation primer, if you have it, and be sure to bring a powder compact and/or oil absorbing sheets (if you have oily skin) to take care of any shiny spots during your session.

* Use a light colored concealer to cover under-eye circles.

* Be sure to blend your foundation at the jawline!

* Black (or very dark brown) eye liner and black mascara are great to enhance your eyes. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, if you have one.

* Clear eyes look the best, use Visine or another eye drop to reduce bloodshot eyes, if necessary (this goes for the men, too).

* Almost every woman/girl that I have photographed would have looked better with just a little more blush. It's a good idea to bring your blush and an application brush with you so that we can apply more if I notice that you look a little "washed out" in your photos.

* Neutral lips are very classic, just be sure you have enough color that your lips don't blend in with the surrounding skin. Bring whatever color you wear with you for touch-ups.

* Avoid any glittery or super shiny makeup.

* If you have long hair, it's a good idea to bring whatever bands and clips that you would need to put it up attractively in case of wind. Hopefully, you won't need these items, but it's better to have them on hand than be fighting with hair blowing across your face during the entire session.

* Be sure to wipe faces, eyes and noses of little ones.

* Men should be freshly shaved (or groomed, if you have facial hair). Don't be afraid to moisturize and tweeze stray eyebrow hairs (or stray hairs anywhere else on the face).

* Finger nails should be clean and trimmed. Ladies, freshen up your polish. If you're planning to go barefoot in some of your photos, don't forget to take care of your toes, too!

* On the day of your session, please avoid, and have children refrain from, eating or drinking anything that will stain your teeth and/or mouth. This includes, but is not limited to red, orange, blue, green, or purple candy, popsicles, drinks, etc.

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