What's a Beauty Session? - Clover, SC Beauty & Fashion Photographer

Hey ladies, you know all those times that you need a picture of yourself for your Facebook profile or the directory at work, but when you start searching your files, you realize that you are always behind the camera?

There might be a handful of pictures where you appear, but they are usually an afterthought and often are just not something you want to share with the world.

The solution for this dilemma is to let me pamper you with a beauty session! I will help you to choose your outfits, give you tips for doing your makeup and will use only the most flattering of poses to show you at your best!

Professional hair and makeup* can even be provided if you really want a treat!

"I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful." ~ Author Unknown

Every woman loves to feel beautiful. There is a good reason why we all treasure those special times when we get dressed up in the perfect outfit and spend a little extra time with our hair and makeup. Something about it just makes you feel so good!

Maybe it reminds us of playing dress-up as girls or possibly it's just because we often are so busy taking care of everyone else and rarely take that time for ourselves. Usually this preparation happens before an event or a special night out and might occasionally be documented by a quick snapshot as we head out the door. But what if you could splurge a little and schedule a session to really document all the details of how fabulous you looked and felt! And it's just plain fun to feel like a glamorous model for an hour, too!

Maybe you'd love to schedule a session but are waiting until you lose some weight. I know I have absolutely been guilty of this myself!

Well, don't "weight" any longer! I have studied the most flattering poses and ways that I can help you to minimize any areas that you might be self-conscious about.

Let me help you show the world how beautiful you really are!

* Professional hair and makeup provided at an additional cost.

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