The Tracy Family - Lake Wylie, SC Family Photography

I recently attended a workshop by the fabulous Amanda Padgett of Everyday Elements. The workshop was amazing and I not only learned some really great things about photography and editing, but I feel like I made 9 new friends of Amanda and the other ladies in attendance. Amanda has a wonderful personality and explains things in such an easy to understand way. If you're interested in photography or how to edit your photos (even snapshots), I hope you'll take a minute to check out Amanda's site.

As part of the workshop, we did a family photoshoot with the beautiful Tracy family. Sanda is actually a photographer herself, so it was a nice break for her to finally get some photos that she was in, instead of always being behind the camera. The photoshoot was quite a challenge, because we were shooting just after noon, with the sun high in the sky! It was a great opportunity to learn how to take gorgeous photos, even when the conditions are not ideal.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the Tracy family!

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