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I think it is so important to seek out educational opportunities in photography. There is so much to learn, and I love finding out ways to improve my shooting or post processing workflow.

At the beginning of my photography journey, one of the very first photographers that I admired and started following was Andee Tate of Crave Photography. She offers mentoring and I was finally lucky enough to have a spot in one of her online sessions last night.

I am so excited to put everything I learned to use on my next photo session, but because I couldn't wait to play, I went ahead and re-edited a photo I took at the end of the summer.

Here is my image with no edits (top), my original edit of the photo (middle) and my new "post Crave" edit (bottom). What a difference!

The best black and white photos start with an image with lots of contrast. Unfortunately, my original edit of this photo was fairly soft and flat, so the black and white was a little blah. But check out what a difference the information I learned in the Crave mentoring session made! Wow!

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