Train-tastic! - Belmont, NC Child & Family Photography

I am so privileged to have a number of families who have been with me since the very beginning of my business. If you've followed me long, then you know that Marty, Kim and their adorable twin sons are one of those families. They are definitely Speechless VIPs, and I am so honored to feel like I have watched these boys grow up over the last few years!
The boys were happy to help me when I told them to tickle their mom and dad. I'm not sure who laughed more, the twins or Marty and Kim!
With this gorgeous mom and handsome dad, it's easy to see why the boys are so cute! As a side note, I just love Kim's boots! She always does a great job of choosing the clothing for her family for their photos.
I just love these individual shots of the boys. We do something similar to this at each of their sessions, and it's so fun to compare them and see how much they have changed.
This family session was held in Belmont, NC, which is a great area for family portraits. The kids always love the train and the nearby park and variety of restaurants make it convenient to have a fun night out after the session. This vibrant red brick wall was also a wonderful feature to include as a backdrop for their photos.
 Every great photo session should end with a little leaf fight... I think so, anyway!

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