Brand New Baby H! - Belmont, NC Newborn Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Josh, Leah, Mr. J and Brand New Baby H! This gorgeous family was wonderful to work with and as you can see, Mr. J is an extremely proud big brother!
For some reason, it seems like I've had more newborn boys than girls, so getting to cuddle this precious little one was a real treat! She definitely wins the title of baby with the most hair among the newborns that I've worked with. And the natural highlights gilding those soft curls were to die for!
After recently investing is some macro equipment, I was so thrilled to have a chance to document those adorable baby bits up close! Seriously, I cannot get enough of baby toes!
Because I've had so few newborn girls, I was super excited to bust out my crafting gear and whip up some new headbands and crowns for this little one. I haven't had much of an excuse to craft lately, so it was nice to dig out some ribbon, beads and my glue gun and put it all to good use.
I think you all know how much I love my ever expanding basket collection, so I have to break out at least a few of those. After all, I absolutely do think, "Can I put a baby in that?" pretty much every time I go to the store!
This little sweetie was just a dream to photograph. She hardly fussed at all and was perfectly content to snuggle up in my warm, soft blankets while I snapped away!

* Note the "chin on hands" pose below is a composite of multiple photographs where the baby was supported at all times.
One of my favorite parts of any session, is when clients have a personal item that they want to incorporate. I can't stress enough how much meaning that adds to the photos. In this case, Leah has a wooden rocking horse that was hers when she was a little girl. She named the horse O.J. and he is still part of their family today. I was so happy to get a chance to photograph the newest member of their family taking a "ride" on O.J.

 * Note the image below is a composite of multiple photographs where the baby was supported at all times.
Thank you so much, Josh and Leah for letting me preserve this special time in your life! I know that Mr. J and Miss H will be fast friends and bring you so much joy in the years to come!

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